118th novel is finished!!

After almost 40 hours I finished writing my 118th novel!! If you want me to write for you please comment letting me know and I’ll send you the link where my gigs are offered.


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Summary from Goodreads:

I didn’t ask for any of this. I didn’t ask to be some kind of hero.

But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado – taking you with it – you have no choice but to go along, you know?

Sure, I’ve read the books. I’ve seen the movies. I know the song about the rainbow and the happy little bluebirds. But I never expected Oz to look like this. To be a place where Good Witches can’t be trusted, Wicked Witches may just be the good guys, and winged monkeys can be executed for acts of rebellion. There’s still a yellow brick road – but even that’s crumbling.

What happened? Dorothy.

They say she found a way to come back to Oz. They say she seized power and the power went to her head. And now no one is safe.

My name is Amy Gumm – and I’m the other girl from Kansas.

I’ve been recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked.

I’ve been trained to fight.

And I have a mission. 

My Review:

Rating: * * * * *

From the second I began reading this book, I knew that it was going to be one that I loved.


  • A retelling of a classic story: I’ll admit, I never watched Wizard of Oz. But reading this book, now I want to. Paige took a classic story that almost everyone is familiar with and took it to a whole new level.
  • Familiar characters mixed among news ones: With Paige, we see a different, more sinister side, of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Lion, and the Tin-Man. We see them in a way we could never imagine while growing up with the story we all knew. Then Paige mixes them in with Amy and the rest that she meets in The Order. The similarities between Amy and Dorothy were well written and believable.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the Wizard of Oz.

Day 1: Banks Hill Update

Began writing the novel, Banks Hill. Wrote the first 5,000 words. Tomorrow I’m taking the day off from writing and will be writing the next 5,000 words on Saturday. Look for an update on that!

I’m already loving this novel, which is a good sign. It’s different than any I’ve written before which is also something I love. I love when there’s a challenge. Today, I wrote 2 1/2 chapters, mostly setting up the story and setting the tone of the novel.

Book Review:She Who Knows No Fear: Another Tale of the Heart (She Who Knows #2) by Barbara Bras

Summary from Goodreads

In this sequel to SHE WHO KNOWS, Cassie’s dream is about to come true. She’s marrying her best friend, the love of her life. She will never be alone again. But when Zack fails to return from surfing, Cassie’s safe world comes crashing down around her and she begins her struggle anew. Haunted by her conviction that her late grandmother left her something that will help her, Cassie discovers hidden “treasures” in the house she inherited. With the help of her stepmother, Cassie unlocks the secrets of her grandmother’s journey and along the way finds the ultimate answer for her own life.

My Review:

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

I was really hoping to like this book, however that wasn’t the case. There wasn’t one thing I can point out that I actually liked about it.


-The summary is misleading. When it said her husband goes missing, I was expecting some kind of mystery. Yet, all that happened was that Cassie lost sight of him while he went surfing and then he showed up a few minutes later. The most action we saw in this scene was when her anxiety made her go crazy thinking something was wrong. Her world never came crashing down on her as the summary states seeing as her husband was never missing in the first place. I don’t know why Bras felt the need to put this as part of the summary and lead the people to expect some kind of mystery or thriller to come into play. Each time Zack left for the day, I kept wondering if this was going to be when he went missing, but that never came.

-The characters. There wasn’t one I liked. Cassie seemed to be whiny and clingy throughout the whole book. Yes, Bras stated the kind of life she had, but it didn’t make her any more tolerable. And her husband and family, they just couldn’t keep their noses out of her business. They didn’t know what she was going through with her anxiety, yet they thought they had the right to tell her what to do. Take it from someone who has anxiety, telling one to get over it or grow up IS NOT the way to act.

-No resolution to what she began on her grandmother. What happened to the book about her grandmother she planned on writing? Bras had the character find something that triggered her to want to look into her grandmother’s life and then it just didn’t seem important anymore. Would have liked to see more about that in this book.

-The title. I have no idea how this even came to be as the title. All I read throughout the book was how Cassie was afraid of everything. How was she one who knew no fear? It just didn’t add up.

Recommendations: There is no one I could recommend this book to.

Looking to write a contemporary fiction novel

Hi everyone! For all of those who are new to my blog, welcome. As you know, I use this blog for book reviews and also to share about the books I write as a ghostwriter. And today I’m here to offer this gig to anyone who is interested in having a contemporary fiction novel written.


I do have a wait list of those I’m writing for, but I’m always looking to add more. If interested, please message me on fiverr. If you don’t have fiverr, but would still like me to write to you, please message me on my author facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Christineghostwriting so we can discuss the wait list further 🙂

Book Review: The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin

Summary from Goodreads

The New York Times bestselling author of The House Girl explores the lives of four siblings in this ambitious and absorbing novel in the vein of Commonwealth and The Interestings.

“The greatest works of poetry, what makes each of us a poet, are the stories we tell about ourselves. We create them out of family and blood and friends and love and hate and what we’ve read and watched and witnessed. Longing and regret, illness, broken bones, broken hearts, achievements, money won and lost, palm readings and visions. We tell these stories until we believe them.”

When the renowned poet Fiona Skinner is asked about the inspiration behind her iconic work, The Love Poem, she tells her audience a story about her family and a betrayal that reverberates through time.

It begins in a big yellow house with a funeral, an iron poker, and a brief variation forever known as the Pause: a free and feral summer in a middle-class Connecticut town. Caught between the predictable life they once led and an uncertain future that stretches before them, the Skinner siblings—fierce Renee, sensitive Caroline, golden boy Joe and watchful Fiona—emerge from the Pause staunchly loyal and deeply connected.  Two decades later, the siblings find themselves once again confronted with a family crisis that tests the strength of these bonds and forces them to question the life choices they’ve made and ask what, exactly, they will do for love. 

A sweeping yet intimate epic about one American family, The Last Romantics is an unforgettable exploration of the ties that bind us together, the responsibilities we embrace and the duties we resent, and how we can lose—and sometimes rescue—the ones we love. A novel that pierces the heart and lingers in the mind, it is also a beautiful meditation on the power of stories—how they navigate us through difficult times, help us understand the past, and point the way toward our future.

My Review:

1/5 stars for The Last Romantics a contemporary fiction by Tara Conklin.

The Last Romantics refers to the blog that main character writes. When I picked up this book, that wasn’t what I expected. I thought it was going to be something about the last romantic people in the world. But when I saw that it was based on her blog, I was intrigued. What was her blog going to be about? Was this book going to read like Fiona’s blog? In short…no. The book rarely had anything to do with her blog that I don’t even know how Conklin chose this to be a title.

There’s nothing about the cover to this book that gives the reader any idea of what the book is going to be about. Unless, it’s supposed to resemble the blog Fiona, the make character, writes, then I don’t know what it means. But it definitely doesn’t scream The Last Romantics to me.

Conklin’s plot was interesting at first and I wanted to like this book. But the more I read, the harder it got to even get through the book. Had Conklin focused more on Fiona’s blog, then this might have been better. Not one character was likable or real. Renee thought she could control the sisters, Caroline relied too much on her husband and on finding a man, Joe was more interested in drugs and partying and Fiona used men for her blog. And their mother, an important role though seemed to not be a major one, it was hard to like any of them. Conklin wrote them in such a way that there was no good qualities in them.

Conklin’s style of writing was hard to get through because of the time flow. It starts in 2079, why that year? I wish she had given us a reason why she chose that and not say, 2080. Then it went back to when the family was kids. Then quickly it’s to them at an older age and then back to 2079 briefly and then back to the past. It was very hard to understand who was talking at times and I also feel Conklin made the plot of Joe going to Florida to just add more story. What happened in those chapters could’ve easily flowed with him living in New York.

There was nothing I enjoyed in this book, not even the parts with the family in New York City. As someone who lives in NYC, normally I love when a book takes place there, but not this one. I can’t find anyone I would recommend this to.

Upcoming Reviews:

She Who Knows No Fear: Another Tale of …by Barbara Bras

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New Blog!!!

Hey everyone! I am changing my blog as I could no longer do book tours. However, I will be keeping this opened for book reviews as I get a lot of books in giveaways on Goodreads, visit my public library daily, and my neighborhood had a public bookshelf for everyone to take books for free. I will be reviewing those books on here. Also, for any of my new followers, I am a ghostwriter and I freelance write novels for people. I have a profile on Fiverr and I’m also looking for more people to write for and I open that opportunity up to my followers. I have a wait list for people who want me to write for them and if you’d like to be added to the wait list, please comment on this and I’ll send you over to my Fiverr page to check out the gigs I have to offer.

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