Guest Post for Christine’s Book Corner – TOPIC:  Politics in the future

On the first hand, the answer is simple:  “In the immediate future, your skin will be your uniform.”

On the second hand, allow me to elaborate on that a bit.  What is playing out in the US and western Europe right now is a competition between globalists and nationalists.  The former believe humans to be nothing more than economic units who can be educated – in a classroom or concentration camp – to be whatever they want; that is, they see politics as their guiding light.  The latter view that politics is downstream from culture, and, importantly, culture is downstream from race & biology.

Some nations of central Europe, having seen first hand under Soviet occupation where the globalist agenda leads, have already rejected what they see coming out of Brussels and Washington.  These are states of the Visegrad Group along with, for so long as their current government holds, Italy as well.

Aside:  I have always enjoyed the hypocrisy of the globalists claims versus their actions:  for open-borders fanatics who think a Somali is the same as a Swede, they themselves live in gentrified cities that have been cleared of all diversity – outside of those trendy ‘fusion’ restaurants – and in walled communities policed by armed guards all the while sending what few children they have to expensive and exclusive schools.

So, what we have is the American and western European governments importing millions of people will not assimilate because they cannot assimilate.  What that has given us now are no-go zones and no-go cities. What it will give us in less than five years is the Yugoslav Civil War of the 1990s played out on a continent-wide arena.  In that war, your immediate and extended family will be your platoon and your company, and your increasingly racially attenuated community will be your regiment. And, as I said at the beginning, your skin will be your uniform.

It is not a future I particularly want to see for myself or for my two daughters, but barring the US getting a leader such as an Orban or a Salvini, this is the train wreck we are sleepwalking into.

On the gripping hand, what’s funny is that knowing this, much of my writing and characters contradict it!  Let’s take a look…

“The Fourth Law”  Living in the Republic of Texas, which in its formation experienced massive killings and deportations under the state terror organization ‘ExComm,’ the main character Lily Barrett is an early-twenties nurse who is ethnic Han Chinese.  As an outsider and a non-White, she is accorded the status of Resident but not Citizen; she has the protection of the law but no voting or political rights.

“Echoes of Family Lost”  On their small farm on the road between Knoxville and Oak Ridge, Leslie Hartmann is the head of his household made up of his Min Chinese wife, Callie, and his mixed-race son, Gary, who, as we find out, has been… modified

“Cursed Hearts”  Christopher’s step-cousin – and later love interest – is half-Japanese and half-Polish.  She even once reflects that “both of the guys I ever slept with are foreigners… I wonder what that says about me?”

“Saga of Nichole 5, Parts 1 & 2”  The political situation comes closer to what I described above:  elected Mayor of Portland just before the Breakup begins, multi-mixed race Lee Sanchez Johnson holds onto power through a variety of means, including a cadre of political police who are all non-White.  I subvert the trope in having Nichole, who while a Japanese subject “looks like a poster-girl for Irish tourism,” work to make the Mayor’s daughter, a computer engineering grad student, his successor.

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