Novel #121: Banks Hill

Work for my 121st novel: Banks Hill Part 1 has begun. I will be starting a Q&A for this novel that will last until I finish writing it. Any questions you have please put in the comments and I’ll answer them. (Ignore the number I put on the board. I apparently miscounted lol).

Novel #119 is finished!!

Novel #119: Messiah’s Mysterious Force is now finished. This was one of my biggest projects I worked on and was something different than the other novels I’ve written. That being said, taking a week off before beginning my next novel. Once I get the next order, I will set up the Q&A for that novel and answer any questions people might have for that order 🙂

If anyone is interested in me writing a novel for them, please comment here and I’ll send you a link to where my gigs are listed.


I want to thank you all for following my page. As a ghostwriter I am always looking for more people to write for. I have a wait list of people who want books written for them and I’m opening this up for all my followers. Before I open my wait list to the public, I want you all to have the opportunity to be added to the wait list. If interested please comment on here so I can send you the gigs I offer for my writing.

That being said this page is now for my business but I will also be putting up book reviews here and there from what I’m currently reading.

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